Where do little Sparksters come from?

I thought it’d be a good idea to get a little in touch with where the design for Rocket Knight Adventure’s gameplay came from, so I tried to seek out a little information on the guy behind creation of the series, Konami’s own Nobuya Nakazaton.  Of course, in 1993, game magazines weren’t particularly big on interviewing Japanese developers, so finding anything from the guy that also talks about Rocket Knight was a little tough, but I did manage to find two articles, one from Gamasutra and the other from Gamespy, where they interview him regarding his involvement with Neo Contra and Contra:  Shattered Soldier on the PS2. 

 Nakazaton was also behind the creation of Contra 3:  Alien Wars and Contra Hard Corps on the SNES and Genesis, so needless to say, the guy has some 2D action chops.  Both interviews are an interesting read, and I’ll link them here.  It’s pretty obvious the guy is a big fan of 2D gaming in general, and apparently has a desire to make tough as nail games that don’t necessarily try to look pretty, but an emphasis on gameplay over graphics.  Because of that, I’m pretty curious to find out if he has any involvement in the reboot on XBLA and PSN, since it’s obvious there’s an effort to make the game feel 2D but still be accessible to HD gamers.  I have a feeling that he doesn’t have any involvement there, but we’ll see how that turns out. 

 Anyways, here are the articles:



 Definitely good reads though, you can see the guy has no problem with making tough games, and thinks that it’s more fun and interesting to have challenge in games in order to keep players interested over multiple plays of a particular game.  I can certainly see that applied to Rocket Knight, while I don’t think it’s nearly as tough as most Contra titles, there’s certainly a higher level of difficulty than other 2D action games that make use of mascot styled characters.  You could almost look at this as a kid friendly version of the Contra formula.

 One other thing I wanted to toss into this blog today was a couple pages taken from EGM’s June 1993 issue.  This is a two-page spread from CES of that year, with a small preview of Rocket Knight Adventures.  Nothing super interesting that’s detailed here, but I think it’s pretty fun to go back and look at older magazines and their takes on these games at the time of their release. 

 Tomorrow I’m going to take a look at some of the music behind the game, along with samples and what not, so look forward to that.


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