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Bringing Donkey Kong Country 2 to an end

April 9, 2010

Well, I think I’m officially done with DKC2.   I’m not literally finished with the game, I’m only at the halfway mark, but I was hitting that point where I was trying to convince myself I was enjoying the game, when really I wasn’t. 

Hear me out a bit on this though. 

Part of my frustration comes from the game literally being FRUSTRATING.  The amount of difficulty between this title and the first DKC is pretty big, and while I enjoy a challenge, I don’t think I was all that well prepared for the spike in difficulty that DKC2 gave me.  I think, if time allowed and I wasn’t playing this for the purpose of writing about it, I’d be able to sit down for an extended period and really dig into the game, and that’d be a little more fair to it than just saying I don’t like it.

But, on the flip side, I do think that I genuinely don’t like it.  As I was trying to jump into it for the 5th or 6th time yesterday, a few things jumped out at me.  One, I don’t like the environments, I think they’re really ugly, bland, and boring in comparison to the first game with it’s heavy jungle themes.  The dark, murky look of just about every location I’ve been to in DKC2 isn’t all that pleasing to the eyes, and it actually makes me feel a little less inclined to continue every time I come to a new area and it looks just as ugly as the last.

Two, I don’t like using Diddy or Dixie Kong, and that’s purely from an aesthetic point of view.  I’d much rather play as Donkey Kong, and while I get that most people enjoy using new characters and what not, I was the same way in the original DKC.  If possible, I’d always use Donkey Kong, and never Diddy, regardless of his quicker run speed.  This is a stupid sticking point, I know, but it’s just how I feel about the characters.  Chances are this would be an issue for me if I ever got around to playing the third game too.

Reason number 3?  The soundtrack.  I’ve always heard people praise the soundtrack for the second game, but man, outside of a couple tracks, I think it’s pretty bland.  It’s really light, as in I barely notice it when I’m playing, and in turn that makes it less memorable.  I’m more likely to remember the annoying noises the enemies make when you kill them than I am any particular background track that runs through each level, and it doesn’t help that a lot of them sound awfully similar to each other.  I love Stickerbrush Symphony, it’s certainly the best song in the game, but it’s also one of like three songs that are even worth checking out when not playing the game.  Definitely doesn’t hold a candle to the first game for me.

Finally, I hate the damn save system.  I’ve lamented this in a previous post, but I still think the whole thing with coins and lives resetting everytime you play the game (and not actually, y’know, saving) is really annoying, especially in light of the limited save points and the fact that you have to pay to save after you’ve used a save point once.  This is probably a non-issue for people more experienced with the game that know every bonus point and extra life location in every single level, but coming into the game fresh and not wanting to resort to an FAQ like I was made the overall experience pretty annoying. 

So yeah, that’s my final stance on DKC2.  Like I said, at some point I’ll revisit the game and give it a more fair shake outside of the realm of wanting to blog about it, but I’m not entirely convinced my mind will change on how I feel about it currently.  Definitely not as awesome as I was hoping it would be, so that’s a shame.

That said, next week I’m going to fall back on an old classic, something I do have experience with playing but haven’t really touched since it was re-released on the DS a while back.  Chrono Trigger!