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Chimps vs. Lizards, Donkey Kong Country 2 begins!

March 30, 2010

Early last year I decided I was going to go back and play Donkey Kong Country again, probably for the first time since I was a kid / teenager.  It was one of my favorite SNES titles growing up, and Aquatic Ambience is one of my all time favorite video game soundtrack bits, so I figured, why not?  I was pretty happy to see that this wasn’t a case of rose-tinted nostalgia glasses being in full effect, and I found myself enjoying the game quite a bit after all those years had passed by. 

At some point I figured I’d give the sequels a try, I’m not entirely sure why I missed them when I was growing up, except for it being a money issue or something along those lines (or me not wanting to play “kiddie” games anymore).  Either way, I missed out on both, so I’m looking to at least halfway rectify that with the sequel, Diddy Kong’s Quest. 

So far, and only on the tail end of world 2, I’m enjoying it, but not quite loving it yet.  The inclusion of the girl Dixie hasn’t really added anything worthwhile just yet, she has a cool spin jump move that extends her jump quite a bit, but outside of that I haven’t seen anything here that’s better or worse than the Donkey and Diddy team-up from the first game.  They have a combination move where one tosses the other into enemies, but I kind of prefer just jumping on heads and tossing barrels so far. 

New things I’ve run into:  The coins!  Wow, they’ve kinda upped the collectibles this time out haven’t they?  So besides collecting the bananas (coins) and the KONG letters for 1ups, there’s two different coins.  One is used as currency for various Kong family members you run into on the overworld map (PS:  why does it cost me coins to save more than once at a save spot?!), and the other apparently has something to do with unlocking an end game level.  Honestly, I thought some of the bonus stuff was hard to get to in the original DKC, so I can see this being a pretty big challenge, or a big pain in the ass, this time around. 

I’m glad to see the enemies have changed quite a bit this time around.  I was a little worried when I ran into rats and basic Kremlings, but you quickly come across the diving buzzards, the series standard hornet/bee’s, the Kremlings that toss those little metal hooks, and so on.  There’s enough variety in these two areas that I’ve visited to give me high hopes for the rest of the game. 

One other thing that I’ve noticed is holy hell this is a lot harder than DKC.  Usually I didn’t run into too much trouble in the first game other than trying to memorize some of those frantic mine cart sequences, but I’ve died plenty of times in the second lava filled world of DKC 2.  I thought the 1ups were coming a little too fast in World 1, but they were obviously just preparing me for some of the frustrating aspects of this new world.  It’s not hard enough to turn me off from playing it though, in fact, I think the challenge is pretty nice, and for the most part the majority of my deaths are chalked up to bad timing or impatience on my part.  Nothing too cheap so far. 

So, to finish this late start off for today, I’m enjoying it.  Not quite in love with it yet, and I think the soundtrack is a little bland so far, but I love all the new animals you get to ride around on, the enemies are nice and varied, the challenge is amped up and good, and overall it feels like a great sequel to a game that I love.  We’ll see how this goes over the course of the week though, because if I’m having trouble in World 2, I can only imagine what’s in store for me later.