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Dracula X vs Rondo, all Vampires must die!

March 18, 2010

When Rondo of Blood launched on the TurboDuo in 1993, import gamers were singing it’s praises pretty early on, but with some lackluster support for Grafx anythingl in the States at that point in time, the hope of an American release for the game was pretty much out of the question.  Konami,  however, had other plans. 

Enter Dracula X for the Super Nintendo, a re-imagining of sorts of Rondo of Blood, and the point of contention for many a Castlevania fan still today.  A lot of folks seem to look at this as the inferior version of the original Rondo, while others seem to appreciate it as another entry into the series that differs itself enough from Rondo to stand on it’s own two feet.  Personally, my experience with the game stems from being a lot younger, so my memory is a little hazy.  I do remember it being tough as nails, I never made it to the Dracula fight, so I can’t really form a total opinion on how it stacks up. 

But that’s why the Internet gave us Youtube! 

So here’s a couple quick and dirty comparison vids of different points in both games, just to give you a rough idea of what changed between the two:

The final Drac fight from Dracula X (I know, it looks easy!)

Versus the final Drac fight from Rondo of Blood.

A lot of  you guys will be pretty familiar with the Rondo take on it, since that’s nearly identical to the way Symphony of the Night opens up (it’s retelling this particular event and all).  It’s definitely different in style and art to the SNES version, what with the giant pillars and bottomless pits, and the big change in Dracula’s big monster form.  Also, notice the difference in how Richter moves between both versions.  Looking a little sluggish there, Rick. 

Here’s another comparison, this time on the Werewolf boss fight from both versions.

In Rondo of Blood, he’s the boss from Stage 2:

And in Dracula X, he’s the Stage 5 boss: 

These two fights are almost identical, as opposed to the Drac fight.  The background has changed a bit, but the moveset of the Werewolf hasn’t seen any change, just some animation differences, most notably with the fireball attack.  Notice though, the SNES version moves considerably slower, with both Richter and the Werewolf.  Current CV fans of the GBA and DS games will also recognize the Werewolf, who has become a more run of the mill enemy in the current Metroidvania style games. 

Finally, let’s do a quick music comparison too:

Rondo of Blood’s rendition of Bloody Tears, a personal favorite:

Dracula X’s version:

To be fair, these are pretty close too.  However, what a huge difference CD quality music makes over a cart, right? 

Overall, if I had to choose between Rondo of Blood and Dracula X, I’d say Rondo is a clear cut winner.  That said, I think Dracula X is totally worth playing, and something that I need to seek out again in the near future.  Maybe Konami / Hudson will grace us with a VC release of this too, before I have to shell out $50+ for the hard copy.