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Maria unlocked, let’s double jump!

March 17, 2010

Continuing my play through of Rondo of Blood, I unlocked Maria last night, making the game inevitably easier by doing so.  Whereas Richter portrays all the classic control elements of the Belmont’s that came before him, with his slow gait, stiff jumps, and just an overall sense of bulkiness, Maria plays on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Some players are going to be familiar with the character of  Maria Renard prior to setting foot in Rondo of Blood, she had an appearance in the PS1 version of Symphony of the Night, and she was even playable in the import version of the game that appeared on the Sega Saturn.  Taking it one step further, the PSP remake of Rondo of Blood, Dracula X Chronicles, had an unlockable version of SOTN that also had a playable version of Maria present, but was actually different than the playable Maria from the Saturn import.  So yeah, chances are you’ve probably run into her a time or two by now.

In Rondo of Blood, she’s still a little girl, as opposed to the more grown up version you’ll encounter in SOTN.  Here she comes equipped with a double jump ability, which is ridiculously useful since you can change direction mid-air with it, and her standard attack uses two doves in quick succession.  She also has a completely different sub-set of weapons from Richter, using differnet animals, like a Turtle, giving her a completely different playstyle from Richter.


I know a lot of people argue that once you unlock her you kind of break the game, what with her ability to get to higher spots quicker than Richter, and a couple of her attacks being pretty overpowered by comparison.  I won’t really argue that either, but I’m always a big fan of secondary characters with different playstyles being introduced, and sometimes it’s fun just to see what you can get away with if the game hasn’t been super-balanced with that second character in mind.  She is prone to a quick death though, it only takes about four hits from a basic enemy to do her in, so while she might be ideal to use during a stage, she feels relatively weak in comparison to Richter when it comes to boss fights.

You’ll notice that I didn’t mention her appearance in Castlevania:  Judgement.  You know why?  Because that game totally doesn’t exist!  >_<